You Only Live Once

We’ve all said this before when faced with a decision that might have negative consequences. Especially when it comes to food. We feel that life is short, so we should ‘enjoy’ ourselves. However, most ‘enjoyable’ activities that come from external, physical sources are short lived.

I have to think to myself when making a decision, in a year from now, will I still be reveling about how good that piece of cake, slice of pizza or potato chip was? Or will I be thinking about whether I am living the life of my dreams? In the long term, I choose my dreams.

Yes, life is short.

Because of that, I want to live with more vitality and energy. I want to dream big. I don’t want to be held back in life by unnecessary aches and pains or low energy levels.

I want to exude confidence, not because of the numbers on the scale, or the size of my clothes, but because I nourish my body with food that balances my delicate bodily systems and increases my happiness and productivity levels.

Yes, I only have one life to live, so I better make it a good one.

How about you? Do you continuously give into the decision of instant gratification, or are you able to think ahead to what you want for your future self?



Hurray for Amy Schumer and Barbie

It’s official… Amy Schumer has been cast as Barbie. Yay for both!

Let’s talk about Barbie first, because it is about time she  got an update. If we were to scale Barbie to real life, she would be diagnosed as underweight, from a medical perspective, and she would most likely have had to have breast enlargement. Neither of these are healthy from a physical, mental or emotional standpoint.

Now, let’s talk Amy Schumer. Due to this announcement, she has been both praised and shamed.

The shamers are basically upset that Amy will ruin the “fantasy” of Barbie’s body. I say to them: Go watch The Girls Next Doors or Baywatch. You can have your fantasy, with vapid plots, and you can leave the conversation, since you can’t add anything intelligent.

Sorry to be harsh. Let’s move on.

Amy Schumer is NOT fat. From what I can tell, she is well within the normal range of what doctors consider a medically healthy weight. Additionally, she looks like she has a healthily proportioned body, with real curves, and a waist size that is small enough that she is not at risk of metabolic syndrome.

She seems well balanced in life. She has not succumbed to unrealistic body standards and she was able to calmly respond to the shamers, and proudly inform them that she is not fat.

Plus, she is funny as hell, and let’s face it, we can use a little more laughter in our lives.

How about you? Do you think Amy should play Barbie, or not? And why?



Alternate New Year’s Resolutions to Think Outside the Weight Loss Box

Weight loss is one of the top of New Year’s resolutions for Americans. But 80% will not meet their goals. Why?

“Don’t count the things you do, do the things that count.” – Zig Ziglar

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that is counted counts.” – (supposedly) Einstein

When it comes to resolutions, we have rules, dates, numbers, strategies. This is not natural for us. Additionally, all of this analyzing, counting and documenting, misses the mark of what is truly going on in our bodies, minds and souls. These types of goals are not integrative to how we function as human beings.

We can’t solve our weight issues without identifying the physiological and emotional challenges that got us here in the first place.

Here are my alternates to the standard S.M.A.R.T. goals:

  • Read every. single. label. Before buying. Sometimes just seeing the chemical laden ingredients is enough to put it back on the shelf. I will also make sure that I understand the environmental and social impacts of the food that I am purchasing.
  • Bring more meaning into my life. I find that boredom and restlessness cause me to mindlessly snack and overeat. I will blog, volunteer, work on an ebook, develop workshops. I also want to start a think tank / collaboratory / book discussion/support group to discuss real world issues and challenges, and look for solutions.
  • Experience Hunger. I will skip occasional meals. Not in an eating disorder kind of way, but in a fasting, reflective way, and to give my digestion system a rest. This is what are bodies are meant to do. I also want to remind myself that there are people who don’t have access to fresh food, or don’t even know where their next meal is coming from.
  • Practice gratitude. When I see someone with a physical disability, I feel incredibly guilty that I am not taking full advantage of my physical abilities to get more movement in my life. When I hear of a child with cancer, I wonder why, as an educated adult, am I doing things to my body that could directly cause cancer.
  • Give back. Whenever I skip a meal, walk instead of taking the bus or driving, or forgo the happy hour drink, I will put that saved money into a donation account to help others who are less fortunate.
  • I will stop making New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions are ‘shoulds’, but instead I will focus on meeting my inner ‘musts’. And, if I need to make changes to feel better about my life, why should I wait until January 1st, or even tomorrow? I will start right now.

How about you? Do you have resolutions, goals or promises lined up? Are you a counter, analyzer and a planner? Or are you more into a whole-istic approach?


Bringing the Blog Back ~ Raw and Authentic

Hey Green Girls and Guys!

It has been almost 2 years since my last real blog post on this site. I stopped blogging on this site for a few of reasons.

First, I got some comments on my About page that the word ‘fat’ was shaming. I really had no intention of shaming anyone. I’ve heard the word ‘fat’ used in many a diet book, website and documentary. Fat is a real world. There are a variety of the types of fat. There is even fatty liver disease. This is real folks. And I have noticed more physical and mental struggles when I am at a higher weight, than when I am at a lower weight. That is not a benign topic. So, after thinking this over and over, I figured that this title fits my feelings and my journey, and I will continue to use the name. As I say in my revised About page, anyone with a good heart is a beautiful person regardless of size, shape, skin color, and sexual orientation. This is not a shaming site and posts will not be judging, but rather a balance of tough-love and self-love.. to myself.

“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” – Elbert Hubbard    

Secondly, I stopped blogging here, because I started this website after I had lost about 15 pounds and was feeling fantastic and wanted to lose about another 10 pounds or so. Well, many trials and tribulations had come my way, and I ended up gaining again, losing again, gaining, losing… and the cycle continues. Diets don’t work, so I’m hoping that by blogging in a more raw and authentic way, that I can help myself stop the cycle and help others along the way.

“There are calories in, there are calories out, and then there is the person in between.” –  some wise person (I don’t remember where I read this, so if you know who gets credit, please leave a comment.)

Lastly, I actually somewhat dislike the use of the word “green”, but it is the most well known and catchy way to say ‘sustainability’. I’m not always ‘green’. In fact, no one truly is. Like diets, there is no one size fits all for sustainability or “going green”. Additionally, sustainability is not just about the environment, but also the social and economical impacts as well, which will be topics of blog posts.

“The word “sustainability” has gotten such a workout lately…  … Everybody, it seems, is for it whatever “it” means.” – Michael Pollan

So, stay tuned for more blog posts and share this site with anyone who might find food philosophy discussions helpful or interesting. With so much information online, I will try my best to keep posts short, but impactful, with a unique perspective. And, if you haven’t noticed, I like to use quotes to help get my thoughts across.

“If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.” – Blaise Pascal

How about you? Where are you in your weight loss journey? Do you have it all figured out, or are you constantly working at it? Do you think the word ‘fat’ is shaming?


Are You Resilient?

A sustainable lifestyle must have resiliency built in.

We will all face many challenges and struggles in our life. Personal challenges can be unexpected and come on suddenly… like an illness or a layoff. Environmental challenges can come on slowly and cause a scarcity and/or rising costs of water, oil, food and consumables. And let’s not forget social awareness for building strong communities, paying fair wages and providing healthy working conditions.

It is important to make choices to create resilience in our lives. We must be able to adapt to the rising costs of goods and services, and environmental and social challenges, all while staying healthy in an emotional, physical and financial capacity.

Then we will be truly free.

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